Post and Beam Kitchen


To move the client from a 5,000 sq. ft. Victorian to a 2,500 sq. ft. Post and Beam house. Although the client’s dream was to build an eco-friendly, energy efficient home in Coastal Maine, the reduction in the home’s footprint presented new lifestyle changes.  The active family still wanted to be able to persue their passion of cooking and entertaining crowds. One of the foremost criteria was to preserve the client’s vision of designing the interiors with comprehensive views to the landscape and the soon to be built multi-terraced gardens surrounding the home. Another was to inject a color palette remininscent of William Morris and design sensiblilities reminiscent of their Scandanavian roots.


C. M. Designs offered several space efficient design solutions for the kitchen and its surrounding areas. Christine worked with the clients to integrate strong organic elements and a color pallet for the home. The home was designed with views to the landscape and few walls to obstruct them. The colors used throughout the open plan first floor are inspired and reminiscent of colors found in nature. Soft ochre wall color wraps the first floor and compliments the wood tones. While the introduction of the pale warm olive tone custom cabinetry established a perfect backdrop for this master gardener who wanted to embrace her environment and have it feel like a true extension of the views beyond. Choosing less saturated color values for the paint colors on the walls and cabinetry enhanced the light reflectancy of both the natural and internal light. By doing so the space feels more expansive and flows more successfully in an open floor plan.